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Residential Construction
Top: A retainer wall built with the concrete wallsystem (LOGIXICF).
Bottom: An example of how the Logix™ Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) can be used. No floor plan is too difficult.

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We, at Concrete Wallsystems of Arkansas, offer you a better way to have your commercial or residential building constructed. We use the quality LOGIX™ insulated concrete forms that can stand the test of time and weather; and will leave you with a superior quality building for your money.

Our concrete wallsystem is a great alternative to wood buildings and can be used for more than just basements. Here are just some of the benefits of our concrete homes over wood structures:

  • 8.5 times stronger
  • 3-hour fire rating versus wood's 15 minute rating
  • Not susceptible to termites and rodents
  • Concrete Wall System
  • Can withstand severe weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes
  • Not subject to moisture or mildew
  • Significantly reduces amount of air infiltration, providing greater energy efficiency
  • Provides substantial noise reduction
  • And best of all, it is faster to build!

Our concrete wallsystem works as a stand-alone system. However, when we add the LITE-DECK™ insulating stay-in-place polystyrene form, it adds a new dimension to our work. With LITE-DECK™ we are able to clear span 40 feet and more over our wallsystem. With an excellent joist design, and built in attachment rails we can form and insulate floors, decks, and roofs at the same time, saving the homeowner time and money. It's also ideal for radiant (in-floor) heat.

Commercial Building
Beebe School System storm shelter (safe rooms)
(The first of its kind in Arkansas)
 Storm Shelter
A concrete wallsystem
storm shelter (safe room)
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An Authorized Arkansas Distributor of   
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